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Sunrise Communications AG
5-10 times an hour internet cuts. Overbooked lines. Non working phones.
2.1 B USD
CVC Capital
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In simple words. If you need a relieable internet connection you will be desperate with this company by the time. As your network fails 5-10 times an hour, speed going down as low as 50Kbps often, they seem to have major technical issues all 2016.


Once upon a time, Swiss People with their companies were famous for fulfilling what they promised. They were famous for just doing a solid Job without betrayals. But there was a time coming of Private Equity firms running around earth to invest quick Dollars into quick businesses and in the meantime they brought nearly everything to fall around earth with their leverage buyouts and replacements of management. So it happened with this once relieable Company Sunrise and its overtake from Luxembourg. (CVC Capital). And best at all, when following history and all those managers faces you will stumble upon. The same ones on Pictures once bringing the flagshipp UBS bank of Switzerland to fall, even making a 60 Billion Dollar loss in USA but still paying Million Dollar amount compensations into hungry Manager pockets, the same banker faces now got their fingers with this company.

Once then you get desperate with your daily failing internet connection, you of course will call the Hotline where they will explain everybody the problem is somewhere in your home and not on their side. Then they promise to send someone, but nothing happens once again. Sometimes it is getting a bit better, another days it is running. Some days you need to call someone 5 times, as your IP based telephone connection as well fails when internet is down.

For all those like to work and not to fool around with this companies technical issues, they better stick with Swisscom by the time unless this Luxembourg branch of out leveragedCompany once has its homework done.

You had a more relieable Internet connection in Cambodia 10 years ago than with this Company and by the time you can say you surf Internet with Sunrise an in times of Switzerland 30 years ago. Hopefully they bring it once to work, before a million people read about this comment. The top of the show is likely 24.12.2016. Eversince the lines are completely down what means, 50% of Swiss households are back in ice age likely.

Basicly to explain, when you got a slow Internet connection with Sunrise where it kicks you out of Internet several times an hour, you are on a overbooked segment. As too many people are squeezed onto the same network branch, the router frequently needs to reallocate a new address from time to time what usually lasts about 1-2 minutes to boot it up again. An overbooked Internet Connection means, they have too many customers and they promised too high Speeds which they are not able to deliver. This is daily Business with Telecom companies all around earth of course where Internet lines come to a stand still that way.

For your imagination, it is like a house where too many people are stuck in a crowd. Once then you insist with Sunrise your line is not working, they manage to take you onto another network segment where you then find out it all works fine and fulfills the promises of advertisments, giving you a 35 Megabit Connection without cuts. But maybe you Need first to opeate a portal as this, making a bit pressure to end up in this Club of high speed surfers. But obviously they are working on it now.

Usually what People Need is a 5 Megabit Internet connetion, nothing more. With such a Connection you will be able to watch YouTube Videos and do anything in Internet with an adequate Speed. But now Sunrise is selling 35Megabit lines and crashed their Network that way. What happened is, people now are watching TV over Internet, what is the reason for all crashes. So you exactly see on your Internet line when Swiss households are switching on TVs. It starts about 6PM and 24.12 it was around 4PM after everyone running to get his presents returned back home and made a Long face seeing hiself back in Stone age when likely most of those TVs were not even working anymore. This might be first time in entire Swiss history that most of the households neighter got an Internet connection nore a TV signal.

On one side People surf with 35Megabit to watch TV, but on another side speed nearly goes to Zero, as you can imagine if 1 Million wanted to surf with 35 Mbps this Company needed a Backbone Terabit Internet line they actually do not have. And if this backbone they got once has a flu, you create Stone age times. Acutally we are talking about 4 tiny vibre cables letting an entire Nation be dead.

Now the Job of all those working in the Sunrise call centers (likely in Poland or Czech Republic) is, to explain all those angry people about the problem is somewhere in their home Installation. So, get used to it. There will be moments you surf with super high speed at nights after everyone switching off his TV, there will be moments around 6 PM when you return home you will find out your Internet is slower than everything you had 25 years ago and you surf on a 50kbps line. And there will be moments where it kicks you out of your Internet line 10 times an hour. And there will be moments you get desperate and wish all those solid working Swiss companies back we once had before those Private Equity firms came up and such wanted to make Billions in a very quick way. Such once want to be a Terrorist now easily can participate. They just let their Sunrise TV run after going sleep and contribute to a full crash all day Long. This is really the ultimate silliest thing ever happened in Switzerland.

Actually Sunrise can follow now this strategy a couple more month and if this is not getting any better they can say good bye or at least their customers will say it. Even Roger Federer stands for quality on their advertisement spots, in future he better hides his face from this Private Equity desaster. (and as well makes quick millions with it.)


id: planet.earth
diameter: 12742 km
pop: 7.1 B
area: 510.1 M km2
tempL: -89 C
tempH: 57 C
id: continent.europe
countries: 50
pop: 742 M
area: 10.18 M km2
density: 73/km2
id: sub.europe.central
countries: 9
id: country.switzerland
time: UTC+01:00
GDP: 688 B USD / PC: 84.1 K
capital: Bern
pop:8.2M d:198.9
area: 41.3 K km2
iso: CH CHE 756
prefix: +41
internet: .ch
id: region.switzerland.north
id: canton.switzerland.zurich
time: UTC+01:00
capital: Zürich
pop: 1.4 M
density: 848/km2
area: 1729km2
iso: CH-ZH
id: county.switzerland.meilen
capital: Meilen
type: County
cntCity: 22
pop: 98.9 K
id: city.switzerland.meilen
altitudeL: 423 m
type: suburb
pop: 13.1 K
zip: 8706





id: company.luxembourg.cvc
staff: 400
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In simple words. If you need a relieable internet connection you will be desperate with this company by the time. As your network fails 5-10 times an hour, speed going down as low as 50Kbps often, they seem to have major technical issues all 2016.






2016-12-24: Sunrise Network fully crashed most of the day. Completely overbooked.

2016-01.01: All those issues refer to the earlier used Fritzbox modem. With the newer White Sunrise modem it works.


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